Most people who enter college are in early adulthood, a phase marked by many changes linked to the demands of behavior and responsibilities. It is common that, at this stage of life, the person is not yet fully mature, which can lead to wrong choices. Added to this, the university environment itself, characterized by autonomy, is conducive to wrong choices.

In this sense, some measures must be taken so that the student does not err or at least commit a smaller number of errors, which are usually associated with the underestimation of the importance of university education and lack of commitment in the studies Dissertação de Mestrado. Having misconceptions about these two aspects generates a series of other slips that may even jeopardize the future professional of the then student.

The university period is one of the most important stages in the life of the individual, since it is when he is prepared to exercise the profession he has chosen. It is therefore the time to learn, to ask, to interact with colleagues, to exchange ideas, to seize opportunities. Many people fail to take on the dimension of the importance of these possibilities by focusing on just one or a few of these aspects.

The objective of the university is to form the student who, for this, needs to study. However, it is very often that students do not take their studies seriously, failing to read the required texts and doing the exercises, gluing to the tests and always being on the side of some colleague. These types of behavior contribute to the formation of a professional of poor quality and uncompetitive in the market.

As we try to show, university life can have its ups and downs, situations that will depend much more on the student than on any other factor, and can therefore be controlled by the student himself. In this way, it is up to the graduate to plan, organize his routine, establish good relations with teachers and colleagues, avoid inappropriate behaviors and seek the balance of his actions.

The most important thing is that the university student Monografias Prontas can make the most of everything that the university can provide, taking care not to neglect his academic training and also the social interaction with his colleagues and friends that he will make throughout his career. In that sense, the rule is dosing. To get the most out of all your college activities, the student needs to account for balancing them.

After people graduate from college, it is quite common to hear a good many of them who miss college time or who would like to go back in time to take more advantage of the training and opportunities offered by the university. This is another piece of evidence about how interesting college life is, and how it should be lived intensely, but responsible for the student Tese de Doutorado.