I finished college, what now? See what the next steps are

Graduation graduation is always a very exciting time. On receiving the straw, many students see a film pass before their eyes: the challenges of the first year, the nights that are barely asleep, the impossible proofs, the acquired knowledge, the acquired friendships … besides the memories, it is also normal to think about the future: after all, now it is in your hands Tese de Doutorado.

There are many possibilities, but there is also a lot of uncertainty.

If you are one of these students, you just graduated and are wondering “I finished college, and now?”, This post is for you. In it, we gather possible paths that can be taken after college. Check out! Tese de Doutorado

Dealing With Feelings
Try to remember the times when you started something totally new: the first day of elementary school, the first guitar lesson, the first work, the first date … all beginnings are always scary and / or challenging, is not it? ? The beginning of adulthood will also be. So you need to learn to deal with your feelings before you choose which path to follow Dissertação de Mestrado.

The first step is to understand that this transition period is difficult for everyone. Do not blame yourself if you take too long to get a job or if you do not do well in your first job. Do not despair if you do not have a good salary, or if you have not yet achieved the much-desired financial independence. All of this will come with time.

Consider this period and remember, with the great challenges also come great opportunities. As much as insecurity strikes, know that you spent years preparing very well and are now ready for the job market and for adult life; you are young, competent and have fate in your hands Dissertação de Mestrado.

Choosing a path
Now that you have completed your training and can begin to clear the labor market, it is important to choose which path to follow. There is no shortage of options: you can continue studying, find a formal job, or even start your own business. The important thing is for you to make conscious decisions that are good for your future. These are some of the possibilities Monografias Prontas.

Training programs for newly graduates, popularly known as Trainees, are an excellent option for those who want to join large companies, while also gaining practical experience in the field.

These programs often select their employees through extensive, in-depth selective processes that seek out great talents with the potential to excel in the company.

After the selection process, the selected trainees receive training and practical experience working in the company. During this period, the newly graduates count on salaries and benefits and are generally treated in the same way as other employees.

Another advantage of trainee programs is that they allow you to know the company profile and the day to day work Monografias Prontas.

This is the most traditional way among the newly graduates: look for the first formal job. This way of entering the labor market is always a good option, since most of the available positions are offered in this modality.

The first step to getting your first job is to make a great resume. It should contain all your personal information, your training, your professional experiences and skills, such as languages ​​or domain of software. You can also attach a cover letter to your resume, highlighting for the employer why you want the job and why you are the right person for them Tese de Doutorado e Dissertação de Mestrado.

In addition, if your profession has a more practical side, you should also set up a portfolio. It can be printed or online. Do not make all your work available in it; a recruiter will never have time to see everything. Select the best ones and those that are most interesting to the area in which you are applying.

Another interesting option for recent graduates is volunteer work. There are thousands of institutions that need help and you can still develop a range of personal and professional skills in this type of work.

You can opt for more traditional jobs, such as visiting hospitals, collaborating on cleaning beaches or donating food to homeless people. Another possibility is to participate in voluntary work where you can use your professional knowledge. If you graduated in History, for example, how about taking classes in free and community pre-college courses?

In addition to being extremely rewarding, volunteer work is often viewed as a differential in the curriculum Tese de Doutorado e Dissertação de Mestrado.

Sabbatical year is the name given to a period of 12 months in which one moves away from the professional life to dedicate itself to some project of the private life. In Europe, it is very common for young students to graduate this year soon after graduation and take a trip.

This is a good option for those who still do not feel ready to enter the job market. During this year, you can get to know many places and experience many transformative experiences that will make you know yourself a little better. These findings can point you to career paths you never imagined Monografias Prontas.

In addition to the sabbatical year, there is the possibility of an exchange of study and work. This option is very interesting in that it offers the opportunity to learn a new language and gain international professional experience. You can search for branch exchanges, au pair sites or portals and applications that offer places for foreigners.

For those who wish to pursue their academic career, taking a postgraduate course right after graduation is a great request. After all, shortly after graduating, you will still be on pace and have good academic networking. If this is your case, the most appropriate is to look for stricto sensu postgraduate courses (masters, master’s degrees, doctorates and postdoctoral).

If you do not wish to pursue academic career but acquire more practical knowledge, a lato sensu graduate may also be ideal for you. Specializations and MBAs work with specific skills and practices, which can be applied in the day to day of the profession.

If you have an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, opening your own business may be the best way.

If it was formerly necessary to have large amounts of money or ask for large loans to open your own company, today everything is much easier. Possibilities such as remote work have greatly reduced the costs of an enterprise, making this path accessible to almost all professionals Dissertação de mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

In addition, initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship have made the lives of those who want to open their own business much easier. You can, for example, have the facilities to open an MEI (Individual Microenterprise) and with the help of agencies such as Sebrae (Micro and Small Business Support Service).

“I finished college, and now?” Is a very common thinking among the newly graduated. If you are one of them, it is important that you learn to deal with your feelings and choose, serenely, a path to follow. Options are not lacking: you can join a trainee, seek formal employment, start your own company … the important thing is that your choice reflects what is best for you. Did you like our tips? Do you want to join the labor market soon? So enjoy and download now our practical guide on how to get your first job after college.