I finished the college. And now?

Tese de Doutorado – Do you know how bad it hits after we end that wonderful series? So the season finale of college also causes this. For 4 years (at least) his routine was occupied with classes, work, tests, bar with his friends and internships. All this is over and you feel completely lost from what the next step is, especially with the pressure of society for you not to stop even for 1 second Tese de Doutorado.

Terms are complicated, and whether you like it or not, we go through it all our lives. The following tips are based on my current attempts to deal with the feeling of being lost after graduation.

1) Dissertação de Mestrado
In my case, the last semester of college itself was hell. Personal problems, problems in college, CBT, job search (so far not even able, rs) … anyway, I did not stop. Do not think it’s a luxury for you to take a break after completing a phase as important as that. You deserve it and need it, even if everyone is on top of you. Take a few days, or weeks (or months if you prefer) to breathe, rest, and think slowly in your next steps Dissertação de Mestrado.

2) Monografias Prontas
How many people from the beginning of your class graduated from college? Few, I know, are common (for reasons we can not judge, of course). But you did it! You had a hard time, stress, a willingness to give up, but you have come to the end. Feel proud and happy to have completed a cycle in your life Monografias Prontas.

3) Filter everything you’ve learned in those years
It is normal that during graduation you end up seeing various content related to your course, and feel a bit in doubt of what to use from this experience. Recall the things that caught your eye, and think about how to put these years of teaching into practice, and of course the personal transformations that have happened to you Monografias Prontas.

4) Define your priorities
Specialize? Do masters? Do another graduation? Get a job right away? What you want to do now is your choice, yours alone. Of course, each one lives a reality, and external factors and opportunities count for a lot. But do not base your life on that of your classmate, define what is best for you right now and go your way.

5) Tese de Doutorado
The feeling of not being able to be one of the things that occasionally appears during graduation (and life). But do not let this stop you from going ahead. Trust your skills.

6) Calm down, everyone is kind of lost too
The fact is that we live hostile times, and getting a bit confused and unmotivated is something that everyone passes, has passed or will pass. There are people who decide to change their lives at age 50, there are people who know exactly what they want from the age of 10, and life is like that. Everyone is trying and giving their best, do not feel alone Dissertação de Mestrado.

Unfortunately these days finishing college is not synonymous with a steady job and good chances of becoming a well known and recognized professional in the job market. The economy of the country does not walk great things and because of this many young people who finish college come into the statistic of unemployed. They begin to be part of a large portion of the population that has no work, so many ask themselves “I finished college: what now?”

This is no reason to be discouraged, there are some alternatives, if you finished college and you can not get a job in the area you formed, here’s what you can do. We have some ideas that can help you, check it out!

Amend the master’s degree – If your area is complicated and you can not get a job, you can do a master’s degree. The area of ​​education is always very good and as soon as you finish you will be able to teach not only in schools but also in colleges. The master’s degree is an interesting possibility and opens doors. One option is to try the masters degree at federal universities, so you will have a good education and also the chances of getting a job increase.

Try a Trainee – This is the position assigned to young newly trained professionals who will be trained and empowered to occupy leadership positions. You can do the trainee up to two years after they graduate, they do not require experience and the way of joining is much easier. There are trainee programs in various companies and you can register yourself over the internet yourself.

Start applying for several trainees, vacancies are opened annually in selection programs, which many young people participate, but if you are prepared, you will get a good vacancy. Trainee is a job with many challenges and rewards and provides career advancement.

Do not get stuck in your area – It can be frustrating to do a college and not start working in your area, but you need to seize the opportunities, and you can work in areas that are related to yours. If you did mechanical engineering and can not get jobs in the area try in a similar area as automation engineering, for example.

Open a Business – It’s tricky to find a job, so create your job, you can start working on your own as a freelancer, for example, or start a business. You can do this in your house, in the bedroom, in the garage, the possibilities are many and you should think about what has to do with your study. Starting a business can be tricky at first, but it is a really cool opportunity to grow and make money.

There are many possibilities, we hope to have helped and open your mind to new possibilities.