What do I do now that I’ve finished college?

Certainly, you have heard from someone – your parents, uncles, friends – that without a diploma you will hardly get anything in life, will you? Speaking like that, it seems that everything is solved with him. Ledo mistake. There are many professionals who, newly trained, face Dissertação de Mestrado the drama of not knowing what to do.

Many have difficulty finding a course. Looking for a job in the private sector? To undertake To make public contest? It is not uncommon for many to end up pursuing different areas than their training. So common is so much to discover that the course you have had nothing to do with you.

Planning work life even during graduation is a good start to minimize the difficulties after completing the course. Try to get to know the market and become familiar with it. This can be done through internships, technical visits to companies or participation in groups such as junior companies, for example.

With practical experiences, students can better understand the profession in which they intend to act, and have an opportunity to identify if that is the career they want to pursue Tese de Doutorado.

When looking for a practical activity during graduation, however, it is necessary to take some care. Otherwise, the consequences for the future professional may end up not being positive.

With the diploma in hand

Staying in the market, even if without a job, is the first tip for newly graduates. Activate your networking, attend events, keep your resume updated, take refresher courses, etc.

When an opportunity that fits your plans appears, the ideal is to accept, even if it is not yet the ideal wave. Even because almost nobody starts the professional life already with the work of dreams. It is essential to gain experience and this only happens by putting your hand in the mass Monografias Prontas.

Before you say yes, however, you have to pay attention to the traps. An important care at this time should be with the reputation of the contractor. Partnering with companies or professionals who are not well-known in the market – or who present questionable work values ​​and methods – may weigh unfavorably in the future.

If the option is to be undertaken, study a lot – general management concepts, the area in which you intend to act, your audience, competitors, the financial viability of the business, etc. It is common for young entrepreneurs to run headlong into the pot and end up making fatal mistakes. For those who are starting their career, trying, failing and doing again is part of the natural flow of things. But you do not have to put all your savings in the dark in a business that you do not know and you have no idea how it will work .